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season of the witch
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4th-Aug-2014 12:47 pm - Offline Due to Infection In Leg
black haired witch with dragon
Due to an infection in her leg Donna has been offline.

She's doing better and she's doing a lot of reading and writing and is healing slowly but surely and if you want to call and or text her and don't have the number you can either email me at lunaryss@outlook.com or Mark at tech@sanguinemdraconis.net.

She misses you all very much


SD Admin
20th-Jul-2014 08:42 am - phone issues:
black haired witch with dragon
Magic Jack does not work with google phone for whatever reason. But apparently Skype works just fine because M calls me all the time using Skype. Just giving a heads up to people who have tried to call using google phone.

Ask for my cell if you want it, that is txt only though.
19th-Jul-2014 09:07 am - Finally convinced:
black haired witch with dragon
After many people told me I should write a book, I am. Research is taking a bit more time than I thought, sometimes I feel like I'm doing homework. The working title (for now) is, Blood Saint.

I already have a list of people who want an autographed copy. I think they're overly optimistic. *chuckle*
2nd-Jul-2014 02:00 pm - this afternoon:
black haired witch with dragon
Heading offline this afternoon, chairzilla and I are having a difference of opinion. I've got my phone...want the number, ask.
1st-Jul-2014 09:00 am - contact:
black haired witch with dragon
During the day I am usually playing WoW (though not always). I don't leave my IMs while I'm in game. I log off in the afternoon to rp and write. I have a cell phone (txt only) if you want the number, ask.

battletag is still: synn#1524
28th-Jun-2014 05:26 pm - cont'd.
black haired witch with dragon
He searched her eyes for answers she did not have. And beneath that
intense azure gaze her own became far-away and seeking. The lids sliding
closed, shutting away the storm clouds that threatened on a remote

The air between them became rife with apprehension; questions lingered
and demanded attention, a response. It belonged to her now, he’d spoken
his piece and his sun rose and set on the woman standing before him. With
one careless word, one misspoken phrase, she could obliterate a titan. A
colossal life form that so many had tried to destroy; ending up on the
other side of the grave. But she knew as sure as the sun would rise and
set, he would die at her feet should she but request it.
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23rd-Jun-2014 07:16 pm - NicNeven:
black haired witch with dragon
and Bitter Wind to meet again. I love being able to write and rp again!
20th-Jun-2014 08:54 am - circe and bronze con'd:
black haired witch with dragon
Oh she heard the question and the implications behind it. It was the very same one she had asked herself countless times, on countless nights, staring at the countless stars in the endless midnight sky. The unfeeling moon staring back at her, no response forthcoming from any of those heavenly, celestial bodies.

How could she answer him, when truthfully she did not have the answers she herself had sought over the years? The night he left her in the Rivendell Common Room, was the beginning of the end for her. Though she was alive, and had to keep going for her twins, who chose that night to be born. It was many years before she was doing more than going through the motions. He wanted answers, well, so did she; and she dreaded them, because she feared she knew what they would be.

For a moment everything stood still, even the drip.drip.drip of the water clock suspended its endless cadence. The question crowded her brain and allowed little room for anything else. Why indeed; he may have as well asked to pull the moon from the sky or stop the tide rushing to shore.

Her soft sigh carried profound implications; it held her answers and her questions. Turning to face him once again, the firelight caressing the red-gold of her hair and lending ominous shadows to her dove gray gaze. She was so many women, the 18 year old girl he had first met in the Commons. The mother of his children (he had never seen); his lover, his wife, his helpmeet…his bane and his boon.

This Priestess of Avalon was a formidable woman; having battled gods and men alike. And still she stood in perfect grace and unquestionable beauty, her back straight and strong, head unbowed. A spark not unlike irritation found her and she bit back words she knew she might later regret. Anger and accusations would solve nothing and drive a wedge deeper into the chasm that already yawned between them.

“My Lord, Titan, there are answers I could give you and you would not like any of them. Shall we start throwing responsibility, fault and hurt at each other? I think that would solve nothing and perhaps do more damage than either of us has the strength for. In truth, I could ask you that same question. And in that same truth I am decided I would not like the answers.”
12th-Jun-2014 07:42 pm - circe and bronze playing again:
black haired witch with dragon
Circe sat calmly, or so it appeared, as the titan struggled with whatever fight was going on within him. If one were to look upon the priestess, they would see an expression of unspoiled tranquility. She sat as if she were carved from marble.

However, as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Her folded hands, which were resting upon the soft forest green fabric of her lap, were knuckle white, her nails leaving marks in the smooth perfection of her skin. Her teeth worried the inside of her cheek, and drew blood…an annoying habit she’d had since she was a child. Uneasiness engraved itself upon the outline of her beautiful face; left traces of itself in the storm clouds that gathered gray and ominous in her gaze.

When he barked orders at the barkeep, it was all she could do from jumping out of her chair. But she remained composed and aloof. Her years of training as a priestess of Avalon keeping her in their iron grip. He had always been loud…well, not always, but often; once she had been used to it, but it had been many, many years since she’d heard his voice.

Finally she stood, the resonance of soft fabric and miniature silver bells filled the overpowering stillness. A half smile twitched at the curve of her full lips when he addressed her as ‘your highness’. Was he being sarcastic, angry, sincere…perhaps there was some of each in his words.

Gathering herself to her full height (which was rather tall considering her elven blood) she crossed to stand in front of him. Her life was his to take if he chose, he felt himself wronged and she supposed he had some grounds for that.

The years slipped away as if one was shedding an old coat that had long since lost its warmth and usefulness. They stood and regarded each other cautiously, quietly, pensively. The years had changed him little, aside from a latest set of battle scars. The blue of his eyes still reflected a twilight summer sky; though she had to look up quite a ways to observe them.

“You know I do not drink ale, Bronze.” The words caught the night and soared heavenward, the gods themselves smiled at such a creation as she. It seems such a silly thing to say, but what do you say in such a situation? Where do you begin where there
11th-Jun-2014 06:35 pm - I post this every few months:
black haired witch with dragon
One of my favorite songs.
6th-Jun-2014 09:09 pm - got talking about him today:
black haired witch with dragon

I still miss him. I have his ashes and his pawprint on my bookshelf.
30th-Apr-2014 08:47 am - 9 years today:
black haired witch with dragon
Happy Birthday Sanguinem Draconis!!! Today you are 9 years old. It's been a struggle for the last couple years but we made it! I want to thank all of our loyal chatters, room owners and admins who have stuck by us through thick and thin! Drop by for a visit if you can!

-where storytellers gather to weave their tales.
20th-Apr-2014 08:31 pm - half elven:
black haired witch with dragon
She's new but I've had the idea in my head for over a month. Raised by her human father (hence her name).

Catherine Nyelliel Westland

normal is an illusion
what is normal for the spider
is chaos for the fly
-morticia addams
12th-Apr-2014 05:06 pm - Devious Journal Entry
black haired witch with dragon
Of all the writing I have done. All the wonderful storylines I have been privileged to be part of. All the wonderfully talented people who have lowered their standards to write with me...This, this one woman and her story are still closest to my heart.

The Bull and the Dove XVII
by MadameDraconis on deviantART
11th-Apr-2014 04:58 pm(no subject)
black haired witch with dragon
You didn’t love her.
You just didn’t want to be alone. Or maybe,
maybe she was just good for your ego. Or, or
maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, but you didn’t love her.
Because you don’t destroy people you love.
-Grey’s Anatomy
28th-Mar-2014 08:03 pm - she evolves:
black haired witch with dragon
to embrace a different life.

27th-Mar-2014 10:14 pm - I was
black haired witch with dragon
your cure
but you were my disease.
I was saving you...
but you were killing me.
20th-Mar-2014 01:04 pm - well:
black haired witch with dragon
NicNeven to wed?!
13th-Mar-2014 09:58 pm - So...
black haired witch with dragon
it happened today, I went back to WoW. It took me all freakin' afternoon to clean out my game mail and get everyone back into some semblance of order. I am going to have to get an authenticator because I'm not going through this baloney again! So let the I told you so's begin.

And thank you, Tommy for the Sky Golem!

11th-Mar-2014 01:31 pm - just some scribbling:
black haired witch with dragon
*Within the sounds encased in this narrow passage. I heard only him. It seemed as if all other things went the way of the unimportant. I found myself a hair's breath from touching him, my fingers curling at my side to control the impulse. Here in this space, he took the breath from all other living things and made it his own. As fire eats oxygen and burns brighter and hotter with each lick of flame laden tongue, so he shone and all others became mere smoke in his presence. Though he was darkness itself, a shadow written in undeniable lines. He was the shade in the corner of your room at night, drawing your eyes again and again, seeing nothing but knowing that something was there. And as your vision settled with unwavering intensity upon that darkest apex were wall meets wall, and talks in their arcane plaster language. You became aware that should that the shimmering blackness, blacker than any other place within your room of pitch and gloom, begin to move and speak. You would belong to it forever. Your abyss joined in entirety with the entity which had come, unbeknownst to you, to claim your heart, your soul, your body, your mind.
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